Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Recent Photos

Big Jerry
Simon Rhim photo
alexinthesummer photo
Jeff Bower photo
Furnee photo
Bower photo


Bob Loftin said...

Stoked to see the rad EZ7 pic. I wrote this about the Turkey Jam, and was bummed I couldn't be there for the date it actually happened. http://www.concretelunch.info/?p=3354

Bob Loftin said...

Also, I remember watching Hubba (then Willy) learn to drop in on vert at a ramp in Garland. He was a little kid. I thought he was going to cripple himself trying. Years later, I found out this guy Hubba was in fact Willy. Soooooo stoked and proud of that dude!

Cockfight Skateboards said...

Yeah Bob. Hubba turned into quite the skateboarder. One of the best this state has ever seen. He's a champ!

Daniel Kelvin said...

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