Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

East Coast

If you don't know already, the East Coast is the spot for back yard vert ramp action...The land of plenty so to speak. Recently Jeremy The Kid Sensation, Freaky G, And skate documentarian Eric "Groovehouse" hit the road (or the airport) and found themselves in Maryland. They hooked up with Peter "Flair-nee", Wes Meadows, and there was even an appearance by the flagship rider, Brett Roper...enjoy the pics. all of em are by Groovehouse of ... check out his skateblog and see some ripping photos.

Monday, June 22, 2009


The BBQ was a great time. Tons of beers, brats, chicken, people, and grinds. Pics will be up sometime in the near future. Thanks to Kevin and Dave for putting the whole thing together.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wednesday Miniramp Madness

Wednesday nights have turned into a regular session out at the mini ramp in Conroe. This week was a killer session. Dave, Andy, Conner, Tom, Chris, Mike, Jeremy, Brandon, Trey... all stoked up and rippin'. Unfortunately I'm not that great at documenting sessions...between all the beers skating and heckling, I only got some shots of a few dudes that happened into my viewfinder on the off chance i was paying attention.

Does it stoke you out to know that you are buying 100% Made in the USA Skateboards from a dude that can smith grind both ways, on command? And he has backside laybacks and crail taps....easy money. Not every skateboard company can claim that.

Jeremy the kid sensation is always a crowd fav. Kid killed it with Judo to fakies, Huge Bonelesses, Boneless in to start his runs, fingerflip Lien to tails, finger flip lien disasters, Stale fish, but the Texas plant pic is my personal favorite.

join our message board, theres more photos from the sesh on there.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cockfight Tag-alongs

looks like Conspiracy Skateboards had some cockfight stowaways on their summer tour. conspiracy is a killer company that's been killing it for quite some time now. Almost all of us here at Cockfight have ridden or are currently riding their wheels. any ways Furnee and Wes hitched a ride with them through Colorado. looks like Peter was pressing the button on these shots, so no pictures of the class clown gettin upside down.

Wes Meadows, the mountain king.

Crail slide at Colorado springs.

Lien to Tail

Here are some shots of Conspiracy's Bryan Pennington. He's the coolest. if you don't know, you never will. 5-0 to fakie

no one does better backside disasters.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Friends of the Fight.

Here is a sick photo i found of our friend Jeff Bower. The Dude is a grandfather and still grinds some pool coping. Jeff is the ultimate family man, and when i mean family he treats all his buddies like close family. One of the coolest dudes around. we're stoked to call him a freind.

photo by Dan Wilkes some time before you were born! you wish your grandpa skated like this!

Monday, June 1, 2009


picked up adam @ 7 am saturday to drive up to dallas, and hang out with Oliver. Skated some stuff and had some fun hangin out with new people. Got to meet Comer, and Crum... i was stoked to see that those dudes i looked up to in middle school During the Dark days of vert in the 90's are not only killer skaters, but down to earth cool people.

we also got to skate this killer back yard ramp on saturday. it was 24 wide, two death boxes, a channel, an extension, and on over vert extension, not to mention 3 different types of pool coping and tile. there was this kid named Gary from OKC that was killing it. there was a keg and a back yard ramp...its what i imagined its was like in the 80s. We had a blast, thanks Pickle!.

Gary from okc with a method. the dude has a million tricks

Adam wiggins Frontside Airs over the Box

A long time ago Oliver Jumped the English Channel to live in a skatepark. here he recreates it. Ollie ollies the channel in a Dallas back yard.

The next day we checked out this contest at Irving called the Concrete Rodeo. $25 entry fee and a questionable format...we had our doubts, and well it turned out as good as a contest sponsored by hair gel companies and snow bros could. it was skateboarding so we still managed to have some fun, and freaky G and Jeremy the Kid Sensation showed up. he boneless oned over people's heads to a 1st place victory in the 15/16 age group. Adam took a close 2nd in the same age group. Oliver took 2nd in the 27+ group. and i took 3rd in the 19-26 age group.

the "finals" for the overall champ was maybe one of the dumbest contest formats i have ever seen, and it showed in the results. My feelings are that Gary from OKC Should have taken it home. Oh well. Adam managed to over come the strange format and take 3rd over all.