Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wednesday Miniramp Madness

Wednesday nights have turned into a regular session out at the mini ramp in Conroe. This week was a killer session. Dave, Andy, Conner, Tom, Chris, Mike, Jeremy, Brandon, Trey... all stoked up and rippin'. Unfortunately I'm not that great at documenting sessions...between all the beers skating and heckling, I only got some shots of a few dudes that happened into my viewfinder on the off chance i was paying attention.

Does it stoke you out to know that you are buying 100% Made in the USA Skateboards from a dude that can smith grind both ways, on command? And he has backside laybacks and crail taps....easy money. Not every skateboard company can claim that.

Jeremy the kid sensation is always a crowd fav. Kid killed it with Judo to fakies, Huge Bonelesses, Boneless in to start his runs, fingerflip Lien to tails, finger flip lien disasters, Stale fish, but the Texas plant pic is my personal favorite.

join our message board, theres more photos from the sesh on there.


groovehouse said...

I thought The Kid Sensation was supposed to be studying for a final Wednesday night??

the gay ocean said...

looks like fun!