Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Looks like Roper and Furnee found what they were looking for on the hunt for vert. By all accounts, they shredded a few ramps, and even picked up Bob Pribble along the way. Ropes says his head hurts from drinking too much in the back seat for 7 hrs. But it's all worth it because he stole a fish with longhorns on it from some restaraunt. Sounds like good times on the East Coast.

Meanwhile, back at home. A few of us met at the Houston Park for Schlag's Birthday session. It was cold as hell, but some ripping went down. Ended up being Schlag, Brandon, Frank G, JCK, Wendi, Stephanie, and me braving the elements. We followed it up with some good Mex and Tecates.
Happy Birthday Old Man.


JCK said...

B-Day grinds for Shlag..

dave said...

Sorry I didn't make it Chris.Sounds cold to me!!!!

MC Scumline said...

Hey Fat Kid - next year make sure it's warmer on your birthday!